The Wine Mine is a unique and unparalleled Wine Cellar

The Wine Mine is a unique and unparalleled Wine Cellar designed and built by Ira Kessey on the theme of a Gold Mine. The Wine Mine is exceptional and without equal in it's execution and attention to detail. Throughout This Project are authentic items and artifacts sourced by Ira Kessey to create a realistic mining experience. 400 pounds of gold ore were handpicked by Ira from a working gold mine near the Sierra Buttes for the vein that runs up the cellar walls. Every detail of this project was meticulously researched by touring gold mines in the surrounding counties.

The Wine Mine

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The TID Water & Power Monument carved by Ira Kessey is a tribute to the water and power district's past, present and future employees.

The 5 Ton Basalt Boulder was picked by the artist and plucked from a deep ravine a few hundred feet below the emergency spillway gates of the Don Pedro Dam.


It's Size, Shape & Absence of Fissures made it the perfect stone to carve. The artist tells a story in the 1920's worker style relief carving in stone about the history of Turlock Irrigation District that transformed California's great central valley by helping communities prosper providing an adequate supply of irrigation water.

Turlock Irrigation District Tribute Sculpture


Stanislaus Catholic Church

9 Stained Glass Windows designed & created by
Ira Kessey for the Stanislaus Catholic Church.


Nikkos Glass

 Nikkos Restaurant in Vacaville, California commissioned Ira Kessey to create
Iris Garden booth dividers in ¾” glass with 1” beveled edges.
Edge lit with neon lighting.

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